The flowers and scrap book are just a pile of ashes but I still remember everything.


“Growth Mindset”

It’s pretty remarkable that this took me nearly an entire year to finish. I’m feeling both proud and ashamed.

I remember writing it and sketching it so quickly, thinking it would be done in a matter of weeks. But life got very difficult and the memory of working on this there, at their house, was too painful to face. And for a long time, I couldn’t even look at it.

I had a brief moment of creative surge and I picked it up again months later, and then it went away just as quickly.

Last night I dragged it out to realize I had only one panel left to finish and that if I could just get through it I could be done with it.

It is like closing a chapter, and like clearing a path.

I’m reminded how difficult it can be to work when you’re in a bad place. Comics have taken a back seat to other more urgent projects, because last year was so difficult. That is still true in some ways, that I put aside TV and Toast to focus on other work, but it feels so good to have finally finished it.

This is a much bigger accomplishment than the others I’ve drawn. I just had to acknowledge that.