My name is Katie Seibert. I am a San Francisco based artist mostly. I paint large-scale abstract portraits of women, shoes, and other things that you can find on my website katieseibert.com. I also draw a web comic called TV & Toast. When fortune favors me, I sell things at Katie Seibert Draws, and write and illustrate this blog. When I am desperate I freelance graphic design.

In 2012 I quit my job and began a 16 month-long backpacking/hitch-hiking trip around Europe. It took me to 16 countries and when I finally returned to SF, I had this crazy idea that life is way to short to do something you hate. Therefore, I became a barista and did art in my spare time. Even though my spirit animal is a house-cat, I tend to live on the knife-edge of catastrophe, unknowingly courting death more-or-less all the time.

This means I have a lot of stores. Sometimes I tell them to groups of people at Spokespeople events, other times, I tell them here.




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