Inktober day 9

Prompt: screech

This is a tribute to someone who has never stopped loving me. She deserves more than this tiny scribbled bird, but I am still dedicating it to her. 

She is more incredible than I can put into words. A better friend, love, support than I’ve known apart from my wife. It’s a funny thing, breaking up when you still love someone so much. It’s a special kind of love to give each other space to grow separately. It’s a difficult but rewarding experience to hurt and be hurt and still only show each other compassion. It’s stranger and more beautiful still to keep each other in close orbit while following  separate paths, finding true joy in each other’s happiness.   

She has always been there when I needed her. She has always supported my best interests, even if they were not also her own. She is selfless and she understands me. In light of everything I’ve gone through this past year, I’m feeling grateful for her.  

She said… 

“Katie, I hurt because I didn’t want to lose you. I didn’t have to lose you after all. We just transitioned into something else. Something that is still beautiful.”

And then I said… 

“If I ever prayed about anything to anyone… It’s that I didn’t hurt you as badly as she hurt me.” 

And then we both cried at our desks at work and I went home and drew this small screech owl drinking coffee.  


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