My Work is in Public


I finally did it. I finally nailed my paintings to the wall of a dive bar. in San Francisco.

I should rephrase, it doesn’t sound like much of an achievement when I put it that way. It is the truth though. Not that that was my specific goal, but it feels like a good solid start. It feels like something I’ll be reminiscing about one day while I’m drinking wine at my opening.

I would have written a post sooner but considering that I first heard about the space being available on Friday night at 3am is pretty impressive (I think). In that time, I managed to mat and frame two prints and gather my materials for presentation.

Yes, I listed prices. No, I don’t think anyone will buy them. That’s not really the point. And to be honest I don’t really know if that’s what I want. I mostly just wanted to seize an opportunity to show my work to someone other than my roommates and the four walls of my studio apartment. I wanted the opportunity to say that I have work somewhere in the city. I finally have a tiny thread woven into the fabric of this place.

These two pieces are only two out of a series of five that I hope to show all together at some point. The issue there being space (finding room for two of them still feels like a miracle, let alone five —if you know of any, let me know). Until then, it is nice to know they are breathing some new air. I like the idea of my paintings serving as the backdrop for pool games and after work drinks, for now.

In the meantime, my now empty walls are a fresh start for more work and I can finally get myself out of this rut.

All it took was a baby step and a few nails.

IMAG0101[1] IMAG0102[1] IMAG0103[1]


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