August From My Point of View

I have slowly adjusted back to my real life as a barista-artist living in the Tenderloin (read: walking cliche). I took a week off when I returned to get used to walking again. I also rode the bus to and from many, many doctor’s appointments. The last of which, included a $90 co-pay just to hear that I was totally fine. 



Laying in bed in sweatpants staring at the curtain that acts as the partition between my side of the apartment and my roommate, Zach’s.

When I finally gathered the strength to go outside, I went for walks to the Mill and waited in line for $4 hipster toast and coffee, even though I can get free coffee for free at my work. 

Mill breakfastAn actual breakfast. Something with almond butter and honey, probably. (definitely)

Eventually I started work again even though I still couldn’t make it through a shift without pain killers (those were some great shifts). Soon, I was feeling more myself and wanting to get back into pursuing creative ends but I needed some inspiration and some motivation.

My solution to this was to get out and do things. Sometimes many things. I started meeting my friend and pseudo-business partner/creative mentor, Hamilton at the Philz near my apartment. He would make suggestions of things I should do to move forward with my work, and I would enthusiastically agree with him and attempt these suggestions. What followed was a lot of this: 



and this…


And more of this


and a lot more of this


Along with the frustration, something wonderful happened. My (our) strategy worked and I was feeling inspired again. I tried calligraphy. I was pretty okay at it. I tried drawing with markers and I was pretty good at it. I started making more comics, and reading more comics and I started seeing progress. Sometimes we would meet and get actual work done. It was utter madness. 

Not only that, but my girlfriend moved out here, and with her she brought all of her stuff and things and love. She also brought the long board (the one that suddenly slipped out from underneath me and caused my trimalleolar displaced ankle fracture).

What started out as a very frustrating month turned into a much-needed upswing for me. I felt good. So good in fact, that I decided it was also time to get back on the horse. 





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