Lines & Words & Art &…


I am a poet and this is my thesis.

I am a poet and this is my thesis.

I started a project several weeks ago titled “Lines and Words”

This project began as a way to help with my inability to finish a sketchbook, or at least come remotely close to filling most of the pages. I think it is because when I get a sketchbook, it is often a representation of a chapter in my life, or in my creative development. All too often, the chapter closes itself before I can use all of the pages, and then I am left with this book that just doesn’t “feel right” and yet, I am pressured to not waste any of it.

My solution to this was to start buying sketchbooks with fewer pages, be less selective about what I put in them, and abandon all constraints of chronological order. So, I would fill pages at random. Sometimes with quotes..sometimes with things I love…


This worked like a charm. I filled two books in almost two months. Although, the back story here is a little bit juicier than I am letting on. Basically, I went through a lot emotionally toward the end of February, all through March, and April especially. It would seem that I couldn’t produce fast enough. I managed to crank out one of my large-scale pieces, as well as countless drawings and I even became a poet a few times. Ugh. I know.


I am literally the worst.

I am literally the worst.

When I combined simplistic lines with song lyrics, or my own words, or crude drawings, I discovered something new.

wpid-wp-1400164595301.jpeg wpid-wp-1400164584686.jpeg wpid-wp-1400164565997.jpeg

I took a poem, a song, a mash-up of song lyrics I made into a poem, and made these. They are on 11″ x 14″ sheets and I can basically do this with anything. Any size (reasonably) and any number of words, although for paper this size pieces that are 225-270 words seem to work best. I am going to work on a set of greeting cards too.

This is perfect for people with a lot of feelings…I mean like SO MANY feelings. I’ll be bed-ridden mostly waiting for my new robot ankle to heal so please let me know if you’re interested.




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