Second Date Painting

SS Commission


I met Sarah one time in North Park and we became immediate friends. We hit it off so well in fact, that while I was in San Francisco she commissioned a painting from me, which I then brought with me down to San Diego to give to her. This was the second time we had ever met each other in person.

“Wow. I love it.”

“Yay! I’m glad because it went in a completely different direction than what I had planned.”

“No, it’s great.”


As I gave it a second look, with her in the room this time, I realized that the painting had turned out more aggressive than I had originally planned. However, it was uncanny how much the painting fit her. Despite her pink hoodie and unicorn shirt, Sarah has a very dominating personality. I cannot stress enough how positive it is. I mean, I’m a fan of strong independent women in general, and she is definitely one of those. It makes sense that a painting that started out as a pretty picture of a sun (maybe) turned into a twisted, blazing, inferno. The creepiest part though, is how this managed to happen, despite the fact that we had only spent hours together in person before.

In any case, this was probably one of the most pleasant client interactions ever. I gave her a painting, she gave me money, and cookies, and another canvas. I look forward to making more art for her. As far as patrons go, she’s a keeper.



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