I can’t really do this justice right now (or maybe ever). There is so much to this story that will probably never be told here. The short version is that this past October, I met one of the best people in the entire world. (I am actually not being hyperbolic here, this completely 100% true).

Largely because of her, Maryland was amazing. Of course, at the time I met her I was still a wayward traveler with no job (read: money) so our fun was pretty low key. Still, it was an amazing time and I will never forget it.

Of course, now that I am no longer dying and I have a job, I decided to surprise her for her birthday when she came out to visit me last week. Obviously any prospective California resident is not complete without their very own custom pair of slip-on Vans.

In fact, I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed into SoCal unless you have at least one pair of Vans and at least 4 tank tops and 8 pairs of sunglasses. Pretty sure.

Welcome to the left-coast, Shakenbake. California, let’s be havin’ ya


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