Ink Done

Maybe it was all of the Guinness and fun I had in Dublin earlier this month, but I have been unusually inspired to draw. It started with a vague request to design a tattoo, which then turned into 6 hours of caffeine induced hyper-focus resulting in this:


this isn’t even my final form!

I was pretty proud of this, and then it was so well received I had a few other requests. So I did some bird studies:


aww yeah, mothafuckin’ breadcrumbs

This design was actually rejected by the client, but that’s okay because it was just a warm up. What followed was a stroke of brilliance half-inspired by Chanel (I don’t even know who I am anymore)

fly fly fly

fly fly fly

The truth is, I did the bottom right first, knowing that this was the winner. But because I am thorough and I like to try new things, I worked out a few more designs, just in case.

While people have asked me to design tattoos for them before, I’ve never really felt the impetus to begin the project with this level of seriousness. In order to do good work I must be on the wave. I get a pitch and then it sits until I can catch one. The timing has never been right, until now.

While I was busy toiling away at my “desk” (read: coffee table) in the hammock room, I cranked out design after design after design.

IMG_0906 IMG_0903



close-up detail

close-up detail

The theme is feathers, and birds, and dreams and I’m clearly reviving the pointillism. It feels good, it really does. What felt even better was that for the FIRST TIME EVER my tattoo design actually ended up on someone’s body.

I spent my last week of my European adventure in Dublin with one of my best friends (and all of her best friends). Sometime between the two-for-one cocktails, snacks, Dominos, and the Button Factory, this amazing thing happened:


I think this officially makes me, KIND OF A BIG DEAL.

I love when I catch a wave. And I have to say, this was the perfect way to end my European vacation. I get the satisfaction that my artwork is on someone’s body forever. If that’s not validation, I don’t know what is.


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