Triptych Triumph on MDF

Jane's Triptych - MDF (various sizes)

Jane’s Triptych – MDF (various sizes)

This is my latest work, and it marks my departure from Sli Na Bande. After completing the mural for Jane, I had enough paint left over for something else so she kindly procured a few pieces of MDF for me, and this is the result.

I don’t usually paint on wood or surfaces that aren’t white. But in this case, it came out of necessity. I didn’t have enough white to prime the wood and my time there was growing short. So in a moment of “f**k it” I decided to just go for it. I must say I am rather pleased with the result. Even though maria “likes white better.” I enjoyed having the paint absorb into the surface. I felt a little bit more like a real artist instead of a child pushing paint around on a canvas. That may sound silly, and I assure you, it is completely silly.

In any case, I think they turned out very well and I hope Jane and the family enjoy them. I am very thankful for the opportunity to do so much art while I was here. I am not sure if I will be awarded many opportunities in the future. The benefit of staying here so long throughout the winter was that I actually had time to plan and execute something halfway decent (or very decent, depending on your opinion).

Leaving is somewhat bittersweet. I am excited to head to Belgium, but I have had many good times here in Ireland. Thanks again to everyone. Enjoy.

Panel 3

Panel 3

Panel 2

Panel 2

Panel 1

Panel 1


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