Goodbye Evergreen State

After road trips, family visiting, Starbucks, motorcycle rides, back yard barbecues, REI, careful planning, eating lots of vegetables, burying treasure, no phone, gloom, and a little bit of rain, you are finally ready to leave Washington.

You arrived on September 9th and you are flying out in a few days and to be quite honest you are excited. Mostly because your next destination is San Diego. It goes without mentioning (but you are going to do it anyway) that even when San Diego is at its worst, the weather far surpasses anywhere else. And quite frankly, after 2 and a half years of living in the bay area, and then Washington for a month, you are seriously looking forward to some warmth and sunshine before you shove off to Ireland for quite possibly the coldest winter of your life.

The good news, is that you are in Ocean Shores today and it is cold and rainy and all of your warm-weather clothing works wonderfully.

However, you love Washington expressly because it is covered in food. There are blackberries literally everywhere (they are weeds, after all) and you jumped at any chance you got to forage for as many as you could eat and/or carry. Additionally, everyone here grows apples, or plums, or nuts, or pears and everyone knows it’s not stealing if it’s hanging over the fence into the sidewalk. Yeah, Washington is alright.

You spent most of your time with Maria’s aunt and brother but you also got to meet many others including some of the schizophrenics and quite a few Scientologists. As with any family meeting, you were awkward as hell. But, you had pleasant experiences and got to know a little bit more about where Maria is coming from.

But not everything went as smoothly as you would have liked it to…

The one bit of bad news is that, contrary to the original plan, Maria will not be able to join you in San Diego until much later. In fact, there is an outside chance you might have to fly to Ireland by yourself and meet up with her there.

Here is the deal…

Maria is donating her eggs to a couple also located in Seattle. She has been going through this process for months now and they will be compensating her around $7,000 for the whole donation. This is not an insignificant amount of money. Effectively, the money she will receive for this will go toward purchasing all plane tickets and visas to different continents. This money will allow you both to have a much more comfortable traveling experience.

Of course, one can expect to have to go through a lot of procedures in order for this to happen successfully. Long story short, something that shouldn’t have been delayed was delayed and rather than abandon the entire process, Maria is going to stick it out a little behind schedule.

Originally, you were very VERY upset. Not really at anyone in particular, just at the whole situation. It is mostly frustrating that you have spent so much time in Washington getting to know Maria’s family and now, due to circumstances beyond your control, Maria will get virtually no time with yours. Aside from the fact that you will have to spend a month apart, it was important to you that you have some time together in San Diego and you’d be lying if you said you aren’t still reeling from that loss a bit.

Of course, in the end, this couple will be getting a child, Maria $7,000, and you will have your travel partner back for plenty of adventuring. And if you do have to go to Ireland by yourself, it might make for an interesting story in and of itself.

In the meantime, you are looking forward to flying into LAX again and waiting for an hour for flyaway, just like good-old-times. You can’t wait to step off that shuttle on Veteran and make the walk through campus by Ackerman Union and Wooden center. You might actually feel a bit choked walking through the streets of Westwood, waiting for Tia at Boba Loca (the spot you could be found every Sunday, religiously, hopped up on diet coke studying for finals). That thought makes everything all okay.

And moreover, you are still looking forward to San Diego. You are looking forward to a slight temperature rise, some sun, burritos, and stores that sell flip-flops year-round.

So farewell Washington, it’s been real. And to sunny San Diego, I cannot wait to be back in your arms once again. 


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