Wildwood: Living in Seattle (and in a closet)

the Rose Room accommodations + roommate

You are finally settled in Seattle,

It was an arduous process, mostly because you had to store all of your things at Maria’s sister’s house and make sure they were completely hidden from her sister’s husband (long story). Once you finished going through old boxes, breaking them down (and subsequently burning them to destroy the evidence – no really), repacking, and storing you were finally down to your backpack and your bicycle. 

In order to sustain a positive equilibrium with Maria’s family,you two will be primarily residing in the Wildwood Bed & Breakfast down the street. The Rose Room (usually $105 per night) is yours and Maria’s for free as long as you need it, provided you are willing to do some work around the place (and you are). 

This is great. You have notopened your wallet in 8 days. The last time you spent anything was for a plane ticket to San Diego and $1.60 to close out your Etsy account. You and Maria were able to make one grocery store stop and a bag of rice last you until now, supplementing it with meals from Loreli (Maria’s sister) and Linda. 

Main Living Room

Linda, the owner and operator of the B&B is a lovely, sweet woman who simply adores Maria (naturally). The house that she has converted into this bed and breakfast was built in 1920, and you can definitely tell.The staircases and hallways are narrow and the ceilings are low. There are about 5 bedrooms, including a Victorian suite that occupies the attic space, as well as a basement where Linda resides.

Dining Room

Your job while you are here is to repaint one of the rooms and install some wood paneling on the main staircase. Additionally, you will probably be asked to do yard work and errands for Linda.

Make no mistake, you are relieved that the hardest part of your journey is now behind you. Now you are living with your girlfriend at a Bed and Breakfast with a Mormon woman.

You can explain…

First of all, you love Mormons and so does Maria. They have been your employers (first, actually), and your friends. They are always friendly and always give you rides. There are no qualms on your end. But there is a level of awkwardness that is undeniable. While Linda seems to have a very broad world-view, and is in fact, very liberal, neither you or Maria are sure if she actually knows anything or not. In an effort to keep feelings positive, you find yourselves watching what you say and how you act.  Something that neither of you are a. very good at or b. have ever had to do before, ever. 

This will be interesting. In the meantime, you would like to make it clear that you absolutely love Linda and are very much enjoying your stay here. It’s just funny that you have traveled all the way from San Francisco (of all places) to begin your miraculous and liberating adventure in a place where you are unsure if it is okay for you to step out of the closet or not. You are finding that for the short time you are in Seattle, it’s really not so bad in here. 


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