“The Cosmos”

In Macrobiotics: the Spectrum and the Spiral flux I posted the first paintings I did for Gabe. The motive surrounding that was some sort of mental collaboration between a previous painting I had done and Maria’s expert storytelling.

This, seems to be a unique combination of two words (the cosmos), Maria’s art directing, and painkillers. Allow me to elaborate.

I have an art director now. It started after Maria’s Delightful Masterpiece Attempt when I presented a finished canvas and was met with blatant rejection.

This is how it works: Maria sits up in my bed (I have a bunk bed, it’s a twin, I am 24, my sheets have dinosaurs on them, these are facts) and she reads to me from her blog. My workstation (my Foosball table) is across the room from my bed. This gives Maria a birds-eye view of my progress at all times as well as the impetus to comment and make suggestions about my progress.

“I have a comment.”

“Please, continue.”

“I really like this section here.” *points to painting* “I think you should do more of that. Also, what I had in mind was more tiny dots, you know, to look like a galaxy.”

“Hmmm….I will consider this.”

And so this process is repeated every time I glance up at her for some direction, or when I see that she is staring at me. I wait patiently for her to finish her musing and ask what her thoughts are.

I have never had an art director before and I don’t imagine I would like having one in a serious way. I like my current arrangement, because (aside from that one time) all it is is someone to agree with me when I do awesome things.

Another interesting fact, is that we have run out of blog entries of her travels and moved on to her fitness blog. Now, instead of being taken away on journeys around the south of France or eastern Europe, I am thinking about GMO foods, sustainable living, and US food production policies.

I find this all very fascinating and it has made the time pass quickly while I am working. I also find it curious that my depiction of outer space looks a bit like a plant or flower with some sort of glowing orbs as fruit.


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