Macrobiotics: the Spectrum and the Spiral flux

I will start with an excerpt from Fred Mertz’s Triumphant Return!: Keep on Keepin’ On

Macrobiotics, literally, means “great/big life.” It is a philosophy of eating in accordance/harmony with the natural order of the universe. Whoa, that’s a hell of a task. What IS, after all, the natural order of the universe? To explain as simply as possible, the universe can be described in terms of infinite spirillic centrifugal and centripedal forces. Come again? The East describes it as Yin and Yang.

The Yin-Yang? Seriously? That kitschy little symbol that gets thrown into the touchy-feely pile along with hearts and peace signs? Yup. Along with crucifixes and the star of David. They’re all mass-produced, but that should not affect their symbolic impact.

Yin and Yang–taught to Americans as a dichotomy: black-white, feminine-masculine, cold-hot, negative-positive… Really, it was taught poorly to you. Rather than focusing on the EITHER-OR aspect of conflict, the Yin-Yang should really be interpreted as a spectrum. Everything falls somewhere on the spectrum of change–and the END POINTS of this spectrum are not end points at all (for excessive Yang can/will ultimately result in Yin). There is no beginning and no end. The universe is ever-changing–even the state of balance. All one can do is hope to harmonize with the spirillic flux–take a look at your fingerprints, your DNA, seashells, waves, galaxies, atomic structures, ocean currents, flowers, patterns of hair growth… everything spirals/undulates.

That is what was going through my head as I was painting these. It is very interesting how my subconscious has been affected by Maria’s storytelling. I look at certain paintings and thing “farming in the south of France” or “getting lost on your way to Istanbul”

In any case, I am very excited to have completed a painting for Gabe. He deserves some cool art in his house. The directions I received from him were simply that he enjoyed the paintings like this that I had done in the past. I thought, okay great! I can definitely do that. But they turned out pretty different after all.

I had actually put the background on these the same day I finished Points of Deliberation. I painted them separately and it wasn’t until I had them next to one another that I realized the fading colors lined up almost exactly. The spectrum that just so effortlessly faded in and out of itself.My head was in a completely difference space. I wasn’t thinking about scarabs or flowers. I was thinking about DNA, and seashells and “spirillic fluxing ”


I feel like I just painted those words. “There is no beginning and no end. The universe is ever-changing–even the state of balance. All one can do is hope to harmonize with the spirillic flux”

Did I? I can not confirm or deny this, but what I can say is that the results are…compelling.

Gabe, thankfully, likes them and has commissioned a third.

For this next piece, my only directions are “the cosmos” accompanied by a wide-eyed stare off into the distance through the spread of his hands toward the sky.

Okay, Gabe. Got it.



  1. Cool Katie you have created a great big painting of “Swirly Wurlies( new made up word. Sounds cool, right) ” I really like this painting. Love your work

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