Points of Deliberation

Points of Deliberation: 48″x42″ acrylic and ink

It should be obvious by now that I am riding the wave. In the past 6 days I have completed 5 paintings. This one I started on Monday and finished it last night. The feeling I experience when I am in one of these zones is probably not unlike that of what someone might feel when they are high. Or at the very least, really enjoying drugs and all they can think about is when they can have their next experience. That’s been me since I prepped all of my canvas on Friday (8 canvases in about 3 hours). People of the Tenderloin, I understand you.

Monday night I put the blue paint down on this one and stopped at just the right time. Fortunately, I didn’t try to take it any further (sometimes I go to far in one sitting and ruin pieces). Yesterday, I practically flew down Market street to Blick after a flash of inspiration at work to buy supplies. I made a bee-line to the paint markers (my new fling) and picked up 2 black chisel tip Krink markers and a bottle of acrylic pearl metallic paint (PS I did not actually use that paint on this piece. For this,  I used my metallic silver Krink markers which did the job much better/faster). And from there, I could not wait to get home.

Monday evening I also put the foundation on two other canvases that I am working on for Maria’s roommate, Gabe. VERY rare. I usually only have the emotional energy for one thing at a time, so this is actually pretty remarkable. Even more remarkable is that I ALSO finished those last night (I will post about them later).

I attribute this phenomenon to Maria’s presence. My stamina and ability to shift focus from one piece to another without getting tired is facilitated by her storytelling. As I spent hours painting, she sits patiently and reads entries out loud to me from her travel blog until I am finished. It is wonderful entertainment and there are years worth of content. Her stories are often hilarious and poignant (it also helps that she is a great writer). It has been wonderful.

it’s a process

So this piece…

The title isn’t super important. There are circles and I spent a lot of time last night feeling frustrated because it wasn’t coming together and there may have been some discussion around it – hence points of deliberation, coined by Maria Stevens. Overall, I think it turned out well.

It came as a commission from a coworker, who has been very easy to work with I must say. The best clients are those who want your art because it’s yours and don’t ask for anything that is too specific or outside of your style. In this case, I was given a few tile samples from his house and told to go from there. The tiles were mostly blue and gray and this is what I came up with. It is part of the set of canvases I inherited and I am excited to say it is the largest one (4 feet x 3.5 feet)

It has some different elements this time around. I am usually a fan of solid colors, but since I am working with textures now, I have had to rethink how I apply paint to these. It is very labor intensive getting solid color on texture, especially if you are trying to preserve any detail. In this case, I decided to work with it and it was pretty successful if I do say so myself. I certainly hope the client is happy.

I think I will end there. 5 paintings completed, 3 canvases to go. I am pretty excited to see what I come up with and I sincerely hope there are enough travel blog entries to sustain me. Look out for a post about Gabe’s paintings and I may or may not have a few new TV and Toast comics up my sleeve that I am saving for a rainy day….

Happy 4th!



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