Fresh Air

Wow. It is abundantly clear that I am terrible at updating my blog. Obviously I have been in a bit of a rut which has manifested itself in neglecting to update my website. Today however, the inspiration struck and I decided not only did I need to update my blog, but I needed to update the look as well. Change is good.

I have actually been working on a lot of creative endeavors. Most of them are digital pursuits and I always forget that those “count” as art projects. I recently redesigned the SCRFU website, cranked out a few comics for PawLoyalty (added to the Digital page), and designed a logo for a nonprofit I am involved in called Spokespeople ( Once they decide on the logo they’d like, I’ll write a post about it because I love them and the four of you who read my blog should know about them too.

I am too lazy to make all of those projects separate posts and they’re mostly work not fun. but I DO want to share the birthday present I made for Maria. I designed these business cards for my girlfriend who is a fitness trainer here in San Francisco. I think they turned out rather well:

There is also a painting in works and I recently inherited about 6 or 7 large canvases that I plan on taking advantage of in the next few months. Hopefully, I am posting things more frequently once I get on that track.

Hope you like the new layout!


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