Goodbye 2011. Hello, 2012

I would like to update everyone with what I have been up to through the end of last year. After the Learn iT! paintings, I was still riding the creative wave and managed to do 3 pairs of shoes and 2 murals all before January 3rd.

The first pair I did for my brother, Alex. The second ones (green ones) I did for Josh because he wore out the first pair I made for him. The last pair, “Samurai Shoes” were for Josh’s coworker Mike. I was originally nervous about this project because I’ve never painted leather shoes before, hopefully my varnish works out. I guess we’ll find out.

Finally, you may remember a post a looooong while back, like around April or May? where I was working on a giant mural. Well, when I redecorated my apartment, I rolled it up and sort of forgot about it for a while. Upon returning to San Francisco, I decided to revisit the project. The problem is the size (duh). It was just way to big, it wouldn’t even fit on my floor. So, I cut it in half and made it into 2 murals. Enjoy.


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