Trees, Leaves, Water, Sun, and Fruit

At usual, it has been a while since I have posted anything. However, this time I have a good excuse. I was actually working away at a very important commission. Sometime during the last week of October, the CEO of my company approached me with this job. In essence I would be helping to enhance the “face-lift” that our office was undergoing (walls have been painted etc.). 

The deal was that I would do 5 paintings, each of them 36″ x 48″ before January. Obviously I finished way ahead of schedule considering I am posting them now, but I am very excited about them. Throughout this project I have explored my style in different ways. Manipulating and rearranging how I have previously used lines and color. Some of them are looser in form than my previous work which was a big change for me. Untitled2 (the blue painting) is probably the closest to my previous style. It is the safest for sure, but I still wasn’t happy with it for a while. Only when I looked at it next to the others did I really start to appreciate it. 

I definitely pushed some of my boundaries with these pieces and took some risks. Usually my OCD prevents me from these things, forcing me to work within very detailed and intricate patterns. But the number of paintings I had to do didn’t lend itself to spending months on each piece. Plus I wanted to have them finished. Certain artistic endeavors that I embark on, without the proper enforced timeline, can take me months or even years (See: Ripe Fruit and TigerFish).

Scarab (3rd painting from the top) was completed in about an hour. I laid down a blank white canvas with intentions of beginning something like Green Piece (top) but in a flash of inspiration ended up literally pouring paint on to the canvas and moving it around. 20 minutes later, I had the foundation upon which I added the gold the next day.

That piece gave way to the second one like it, and then Pomegranates (4th from the top) and finally Green Piece. That one is special because, I don’t know if you are aware but, I have never painted using green before. Or at least, mostly green. But finally, I managed a green painting and I don’t think it’s half bad.

I think each of the pieces are successful and I am very proud of them. The work certainly paid off. Not all of them are titled but they all are tenuously connected to a similar theme. Tree trunks, leaves, water, fruit, and sun.



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