I’m an illustrator.

It’s pretty obvious that I’ve been going through a dry-spell lately. I post once a month now, or something ridiculously tragic like that. Anyways, I’m busy with having a real job and things, however, I am starting to come out of it. Currently my apartment looks like the basement of SFMOMA, There are 5 giant canvases leaning up against various pieces of furniture. I have temporarily converted our foosball table into an workspace, and there are still 2 enormous canvases nailed to my wall.

I have spent the past week or so working on a commission for my company to spruce up our office space. I also photographed 2 weddings in October (I have subsequently determined that photography is not my thing). So, obviously I’m waiting until I finish the commission before posting about it, but in the meantime I have a bit of good news.

Last year I was commissioned by a lovely gentleman named Scott Lasak to do some robot drawings for his tech blog. I did these drawings and they were all awesome. Some of them you can find on my “Digital Creations” page. Anyway, Scott published a book and he used my drawings and I am now listed as an illustrator on iTunes and Amazon.

A Robot mailing a letter

Gmail unlocked

you can check out his book here: Gmail Unlocked: A Guide to Email Management for the Tech Savvy and the Rest of Us and if you click “look inside” you can see a delightful robot mailing a letter. (I drew it, nbd).

So that’s pretty cool. I’m certainly happy. I’m also very excited about the pieces I have coming up. There are 5 total and they’re sort of blowing my mind right now. I spend all of my free time working on them and there is just so much progress happening. It would seem that, whenever I go through long periods without doing any art, the end result when I finally do start creating things, is a distillation of everything that has been bottled up since my last creative surge. The things that have been surfacing throughout these projects are interesting and I like them. Like with the pomegranate piece I did several months ago, there appear to be some important breakthroughs happening.

It’s so alarming I think I finally have the impetus I need to get my act together and try to get in some shows. Essentially, I haven’t posted in a while and I’m sorry. I suck. But I am doing things, lots and lots of things and they’re pretty and awesome (and pretty awesome). Soon I will be posting about 5 new paintings (!!!) and shows! and all sorts of things. Just relax okay.



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