Magnetic Poetry

Some of you may have noticed that I have not posted in a while. There are many reasons for this. One, rugby season has started so my free time is somewhat limited. Also, I started a new (real) job with actual responsibilities. And three, I was out of town for the past 5 days.

I apologize. I would like to give you all SOMETHING until I manage to make more TV and Toast. This something, may be considered small and stupid but it’s what I can do right now.

This is a poem I wrote using my magnetic poetry set (Genius Edition). I tried to use as many words as possible and didn’t really come close. It started out as just an objective to fit nouns and verbs in the right place, but soon I fell into a groove and some parts of it began to make sense and form some kind of narrative.

Parsing it out might be a fun project. But that is for another time. So, without further adieu, present to you, the magnet poem:

They follow her through curious
Observation with a temerity to feel
Delight at torpid language
Only to find out obtuse understanding
Like an idea that will spurn the fusillade

She obscured you from an admonition
Alleviating obdurate pedagogues more than would herculean guile and zeal
Upon languished gall

I delve in sanguine drolling
Which my clever repose almost tinges
The vapid arid mind with every tantamount paragon of wry obsequious opinion

By deft cunning trenchant profligate influence
My crass mellifulous pithy never did expatiate this platitude

How could you have questioned time
And always know secret sedulous beauty
Above nefarious ennui?

My endeavor through verbose and salient faction must represent our vicissitude like turgid sound

Can it enervate form at full lapse and
Give thought so I reach this acumen and
Expunge about missive munificent character?

Who are we to ask?

-Katie Seibert


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