Work and Perfection

I finished this last night. It is a 3’x4′ black and white commission and quite frankly I am astounded that I finished it over the weekend. I got this commission from my friend Reggie Moore last week and I’ve been really excited about it ever since ( I went out and bought the canvas for it the very next day).

If you have browsed through the pieces I have in my Paintings gallery, then you may notice a similar piece, which is actually a self portrait that I did in high school. That was the overarching inspiration for this new piece. Obviously, this time it was not a self portrait and the design has changed a bit, but I really like how the new rendition turned out. I am interested in pursuing this design style in other colors now.

This took me about a week total, with two days of serious painting. Part of the commission involves framing, so I will take it to get framed later, but the hard part is done now. I am glad that all of my weekend projects saw themselves to completion (I watched like 20 documentaries on netflix while this was all going on) taking breaks only to go to the gym and eat food.

Provided this week is calmer than last week in terms of new projects, I should hopefully find time to work on the mural. But for now, here is the latest painting.



  1. Looks great in the new house, send you a pic soon and Im ready for my next piece. Details later ūüôā

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