Ruthe Petty JHJ Shoes

Right shoe

The paint was still drying as I took these photos.

These Johnny Hates Jazz shoes are for my new friend, Ruthe Petty. She gave me some requirements, some of which included the names of some JHJ songs, and her initials, but other than that I basically had full artistic license.

I had a lot of fun doing these, when I do any art project focused on music it makes me reminisce about my band-geek roots. You can check out Johnny Hates Jazz at there is another pair of Johnny Hates Jazz shoes in the men’s slip-on style on the way. I’ll be starting on those soon, but I was excited about this pair so I posted about them immediately after they were finished.

Left shoe

This is the first time I’ve painted a pair of women’s flats, the decreased surface area was a bit of a challenge but I think I made it work. I took more pictures of these shoes and you can see them in the gallery on my “Shoes” page. I hope you guys like them, and I certainly hope Ruthe likes them (seeing how she paid good money for these) In any case, here is some new work. More to come, but until then, enjoy!


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