Business Cards!

So I will admit that this project came about by mistake. I was working on a commission, and it just wasn’t working out. Individual sections of the piece were good but I wasn’t happy with how it was coming together. Rather than just letting it sit around, I cut it into business-card-sized pieces and hand wrote my website on the back in paint pen.

As a side note, I really like this as a way to recycle failed art pieces. Also I think I would be into doing a set (of 50) as a commission. Like you tell me what you want on your business card and then you get a surprise failed art piece cut up and inscribed with your desired text. That could be a fun time.

PS. I have a TON of commissions coming up (shoes and paintings) and I will be posting everything as soon as I finish them. Coming up next is the piece I did for Gina Walsh. Pics to come next week so stay tuned.


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