So Much Art

So I’m working on a mural right now that is about 8′ x 7′. I’m really excited about it, and it has gone through a lot more progress than is being shown here, but I will definitely post pictures when it is finished.


In the meantime though, I have been working on so many other things as well. This past week has been crazy. No shoes, but 3 custom art projects. One of them is kind of in the same style as this mural, but it’s smaller (obviously) on watercolor paper. It will most likely turn into a mixed media piece. last night I laid the foundation down in pen and there is going to be watercolor and acrylic to follow.

Also, this mural has inspired me to explore new application techniques. I discovered something amazing and I’m not sure how I lived without them. PAINT PENS. Although not depicted on the piece yet, they will be instrumental in my detail refining stage and I’m really excited.

So the timeline for this is probably around two weeks, that is, if I can dedicate the next two weekends to putting some work in. Right now my evening are filled with smaller projects but that’s completely okay. Keep them coming! and I will keep posting on progress and the finished works.


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