My name is Katie Seibert (Sigh-bert) and I live in San Francisco.


I self-identify as a contemporary feminist lesbian painter but I’ll admit that  my life recently has been characterized by several bold shifts in identity. Not too long ago I was prepared to work the next 10 years of my life at a desk. However, I decided to quit my job and travel the world instead.

Over the past year I have visited 16 countries and countless cities. Even though I seem adventurous, my spirit animal seems to be a house cat. A coffee-addicted, San Francisco-hipster, tattooed, vegan, artist, house cat.

When I am not working my real job, or inside my Tenderloin studio apartment painting, I can be found somewhere on Valencia street (read: Fourbarrel) with my sketchbook planning future art projects. Sometimes you can catch me in walking around SOMA with my hiking backpack full of goodies from Rainbow listening to a playlist someone made for me. If it’s a really good day, then I am at the Mill on Divisadero (with a table!) talking with someone about artwork, or the final frontier of feminism, or food.

If you would like to contact me for whatever reason you can email me at: and/or send me a message through the Art Robot artist page on facebook.

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